Which faucet to choose in the kitchen

faucets Dec 03, 2019

If buying a mixer was a simple task before, today it has become more difficult to choose - due to the large number of brands and interesting models. In the kitchen you can buy a “traditional” mixer with one or two handles, or you can choose a more functional model.

I’ll tell you about three unusual kitchen faucets.

Mixers with drawer

Help expand your workspace

Faucets with a retractable watering can expand the working space in the kitchen - they are equipped with a retractable flexible hose, which is inactive under the sink. For him, you need a place under the sink for free "walking" of the hose.

With the help of a retractable watering can, it is easy to draw water into high pans, wash dishes, food and the sink itself. Such a mixer will be especially convenient if the kitchen has a double sink.

It should be borne in mind that the unskilled installation of such mixers can lead to the fact that the hose will be difficult to extend or will not extend at all.

Faucets with a flexible hose have a similar set of functions - it can be adjusted in height, moved from side to side at the desired angle.

Pros: it is convenient to draw water into large containers, wash products and the sink itself.

Cons: for a faucet with a pull-out hose, additional space is needed under the sink, a qualified installation is required.

Mixers with drinking water channel

You can wash the dishes and drink

Such a mixer supplies both drinking and ordinary tap water through one spout - no need to drill a hole for a small tap for filtered water. A separate channel is built into the spout, through which purified water flows from filters installed under the sink.

Mixers may have different designs for different manufacturers, but for reliable brands, the drinking water channel is always isolated from the general.

Water in such mixers is supplied using an additional lever or button. In the first case, to supply drinking water, turn the control knob to the side, in the second - press the button.

Pros: drinking and running water from one mixer, no need to drill an additional hole.

Cons: there are models that cannot feed two streams at once.

Thermostatic Mixers

Convenient to wash dishes and products

Mixers with a thermostat "know how" to maintain a given temperature. When the pressure of hot or cold water decreases, the mixer automatically adjusts the temperature of the mixed water to the required value. This is possible thanks to the thermocouple that is inside the mixer.

The thermostatic mixer is important to install correctly. Hot water must be supplied from a certain side, left or right - it depends on the model of the manufacturer. In stores you can find universal thermostats that are suitable for any pipe arrangement.

Such faucets are suitable for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Pros: protects against temperature changes, eliminates the need to adjust the temperature of the water.

Cons: high price.

Which faucet to choose in the kitchen

  1. Faucets with a pull-out watering can or a flexible hose will be an excellent option if the kitchen has a double sink or if you need to expand the workspace.
  2. Faucets with a channel for drinking water should be chosen for those who do not want to filter the water in the jug or drill individual holes in the sink for an additional small tap.
  3. Faucets with a thermostat are suitable for those who need to ensure that the water temperature is always the same.