Which faucet to choose for the bathroom

home ideas Dec 05, 2019

Before choosing a faucet in the bathroom, you should carefully study the range in stores. It is so large that you can choose not a standard bathroom faucet, but a model with additional functions that will greatly facilitate life. If the bathroom is combined with the bathroom, you can pay attention to the taps with a shower.

I’ll tell you about three non-standard mixers.

Mixers with hygienic shower

Replace Bidet

In our country, hygienic watering cans are not as popular as in Europe or the Arab countries, but gradually the comfort of their use is beginning to be appreciated by the Russians.

The mixer with a hygienic shower without a bidet is suitable for small bathrooms where there is no extra space. Such a watering can is mounted next to the toilet and is sometimes used not only for its intended purpose, but also for the care of plumbing or cat trays.

A hygienic shower can be purchased separately from the mixer, but in this case it will not be possible to adjust the water temperature.

Pros: By function, replaces the bidet.

Cons: after shutting down, residual water may drain onto the floor.

Flush Mount Faucets

Save space

The main advantage of built-in faucets is aesthetics: the working mechanisms of the mixer are not noticeable on the surface. The mixing mechanisms of such mixers during installation are hidden behind the wall together with pipes - this saves a little space and visually free up space.

A problem with such a mixer may arise if it breaks or pipes flow in the wall - you have to remove decorative surfaces.

Pros: aesthetic appearance, hidden working mechanisms are not visible, convenient to use.

Cons: risks of breakdowns.

Mixers on board the bathtub

It looks exquisite

These are also built-in type mixers, therefore they are ergonomic and aesthetic. The functional part of such a mixer, including a shower hose, is hidden from view, only control levers are on the surface.

Due to the fact that the mixer is installed on board the bath, water is not sprayed.

Such a mixer is not easy to maintain: if it breaks, it will be more difficult to get to it than to a regular one - you will have to move the bath or open the screen under it. The disadvantage of this model is that the shower head can only be used in "manual mode" - it will not work to attach it to the wall holder.

Such mixers need to be installed exclusively on acrylic bathtubs - this material is softer than cast iron or steel, you can easily make the necessary holes in it. It is advisable to entrust the installation to an experienced specialist.

Pros: appearance, ergonomics.

Cons: it is difficult to get in the event of a breakdown, a watering can can be used only in "manual mode", it can only be installed on acrylic bathtubs.

Which faucet to choose for the bathroom

  1. Faucets with a hygienic shower are needed if there is no place for a bidet in your bathroom or bathroom, but you want to increase the level of comfort.
  2. Flush-mounted faucets save a little space in the bathroom and visually increase the space.
  3. Faucets on board the bathtub are aesthetic, thanks to them, water splashes do not fall on the floor.