What professional equipment is useful in the kitchen

inspiration in the kitchen Dec 11, 2019

Consumers often purchase professional cookware for home use. This simplifies daily cooking, as household appliances for the kitchen are inferior to professional ones in quality and convenience.

I will tell you that it is from professional equipment that is useful in an ordinary kitchen.

Bar Equipment

Professional coffee grinders and coffee machines are acquired by coffee connoisseurs, for whom proper and fine grinding is important. For the home, models that usually buy for the office and small coffee shops are suitable. They are inexpensive, compact, do not require a water supply. Their case is made of stainless steel.

Professional juicers are needed for those who often make juice from the fruits of their crops. The advantage of such a juicer is that it can work for several hours without stopping, without overheating.

Blenders are popular with supporters of a healthy diet and raw food diet. They are designed to handle tough foods: whole vegetables, legumes, root crops. Professional models have a powerful engine that is designed to quickly process ingredients.

Electromechanical equipment

Electromechanical devices, such as meat grinders and pasta machines, may also be needed at home.

Professional series meat grinders have high quality knives that hold sharpening excellently. Such devices can work for a long time without interruptions, their parts are durable, therefore they can withstand the processing of large volumes of products. Professional meat grinders are quite compact and do not take up much space.

Homemade pasta lovers often purchase professional machines. With their help, you can knead a large amount of dough, which means to make a lot of pasta. The service life of professional models is much longer than household ones.

Equipment for pizza and cakes

In order to cook real Italian pizza, you can buy a hearth pizza oven. A professional stove is easy to install and use, it works on a voltage of 220 V or 380 V. Such a device is suitable for a private house or summer house. You can install it in the barbecue area.

Professional pastry ovens are popular among home confectioners. You can select the required number of pans, pan sizes, function and steam humidification mode. Such stoves cannot always be built into the home kitchen, because they are larger in size than home ovens.

When choosing professional equipment, you need to pay attention

  1. On the dimensions. Restaurant equipment is intended for cooking food for a large number of people, so it has a larger size and weight.
  2. On power. Electricity consumption and noise levels in restaurant equipment are quite high.
  3. For the price. Professional equipment is more expensive than household equipment.