What educational toys are suitable for children under three years old?

Dec 01, 2019

In the first three years, the child learns a lot: crawl and walk, speak the first words and phrases, gradually discover the world around him. It is known that the best way to get to know the world is a game.

I am a pediatrician with ten years of experience, I will talk about what toys are important for the development of a child in the first three years of life.

Toys that develop motor skills

Almost every toy that a baby can hold in one hand helps him train his muscles and develops fine motor skills. There are many such objects: rattles, soft books with Velcro and rustlers, toys made of fabric of different textures.

When the child is ten months old, you can buy him a developing children's center with elements that you can twist, twist, move, click on them.

A one-year-old child can be offered cubes and designers, jigsaw puzzles, large magnets, large puzzles, pyramids.

Toys for three-year-olds can be the same, but more complicated in design, and their elements are smaller in size. Children of this age can already draw, sculpt, make applications.

Developing speech

Usually a two-year-old child already quite confidently pronounces words and phrases, builds the first sentences. It's time for toys that teach to think and tell what the child saw, heard, learned.

For the development of speech, you can buy special cards, sound posters, talking toys, but above all - books. The child will perceive the information by ear, touch the pages, look at colorful bright pictures, repeat the words.

You can use simple logic games, for example, a designer from large elements, a board game for the smallest, magnetic fishing, molds for playing in the sandbox, cubes with numbers and letters of the alphabet, and a metallophone.

Sound toys will help the baby to develop not only hearing, but also imagination and speech. The sound should be natural, understandable to the baby. Simple children's musical instruments are also very useful.

Toys that introduce shapes and shapes

The simplest toy is the ball. A child can roll, push, throw it. He “runs away”, strikes, bounces right into his hands. While playing with the ball, you can also train the overall coordination of movements.

Sorter is a very popular game among children. This is a frame with windows into which you need to insert figures of different shapes. A matryoshka or a small house-teremok is also useful - for the smallest you can choose large objects, for children of three years old - with small details or animal figures.

You should pay attention to the frame-liner. This is a board on which to choose suitable shapes in the form.

6 rules to follow during the game

  1. Parents can start a new game themselves - children like to repeat.
  2. If a child does something wrong, you don’t need to redo it for him and moreover, you can’t criticize his actions or result. You just need to offer him to use this or that object in a different way, calmly explaining why he is and how to play them.
  3. The kid who first took a felt-tip pen or a thick pencil will hold it incorrectly, and this is normal. Gradually, you need to teach him to hold the pencil correctly, to show how to draw. The child should feel your interest.
  4. If the baby performs a new task for him, for example, “leads the rabbit to his mink”, drawing a line with a pencil, you can help him a little. You can take his hand in yours and go the "path to the mink" together. Then he will definitely want to do it himself.
  5. Even if the first stickers are stuck crookedly, you don’t need to tell the child about it. You can offer him your option and tell him that “you can do it like that”, showing how to do it.
  6. You should not try to quickly achieve success in the game, it is better to move in the right direction in small steps.