What accessories can I buy for a refrigerator

refrigerators Dec 11, 2019

Manufacturers complete refrigerators in approximately the same way: they install shelves for storing food, shelves on the door, a container for storing vegetables, often a closed compartment in which a certain temperature is maintained.

Universal equipment is not suitable for everyone, because each family has its own food tradition: a large shelf for eggs or bottles, a nipple or a food container may come in handy.

The company I work for has been selling spare parts for household appliances for 22 years, so I know what accessories most often require for household appliances.

I will tell you about these accessories.

Shelves for refrigerators

Shelves for refrigerators are made of glass, metal and plastic.

Metal is the cheapest material, shelves from it are used in economy segment models. As a rule, metal grilles are coated with a special paint or plastic - so they look more aesthetically pleasing, better resist corrosion, and the products do not come in contact with rust. However, over time, the coating may wear off and the shelves will have to be changed.

The minus of metal grids is their “permeability”: if any liquid spills on the shelf, it will stain both the refrigerator and the products. The advantage of the grilles is that they are resistant to mechanical damage.

Plastic shelves do not rust, do not wear, do not allow liquids to spill over the refrigerator, but over time they can change color and turn yellow. The surface of the plastic shelves is easy to damage - they remain scratches and scuffs. The lower the quality of the plastic, the faster it loses its aesthetic appearance.

Shelves made of tempered glass can withstand the weight of products up to 25 kilograms, impervious to liquids and retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time. Minus - such a shelf can be broken.

When choosing shelves, you need to pay attention to their size. The ideal option is a shelf from the same manufacturer as the refrigerator. If you buy a universal shelf, it is better to pay attention to the sizes as carefully as possible - a difference of even half a centimeter will make the use of the shelf impossible.

Containers for fruits and vegetables

Vegetables, fruits and greens need careful storage. Too low temperature, low or high humidity, plenty of air can significantly reduce their shelf life.

Containers for fruits and vegetables are usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator - this allows you to maintain special storage conditions.

Some manufacturers drew attention to the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle and began to produce refrigerators with an enlarged container for fruits and vegetables or with additional containers. For example, in some models of Gorenje refrigerators, the container is equipped with a humidity control system - this allows you to store food much longer.

If the built-in containers are not enough, you can buy additional food containers for storing vegetables and fruits, which are closed with lids. Now such containers with ventilation are popular.

If you have a need to replace the container for vegetables, you should pay attention to its size and the plastic of which it is made. Typically, these containers are heavily loaded - which means that their strength should be at their best.

As a rule, containers are made of transparent or opaque plastic.

Bottle Storage Accessories

Bottles can swing and fall in the refrigerator, so some manufacturers have provided special shelves and holders in some models. If not, you should buy this accessory.

The most common bottle shelf options are garland and whatnot. Both that, and another are intended for horizontal storage of bottles. The garland shelf is installed instead of the usual shelf, and the shelf-shelf can be put on the main one. There are also hanging bottle shelves for sale, which are attached from the bottom to a regular shelf, as well as vertical holders for several bottles.

When choosing a shelf for storing bottles, it is necessary to take into account its spaciousness and reliability of fastening.

Usually bottle shelves are made of metal, less commonly of plastic.

3 recommendations for choosing accessories for the refrigerator

  1. Most often, those parts of the refrigerator that are actively used fail: door hinges, handles, hinges, water filters, shelves and containers. If you change a broken or broken accessory for the same, it is better to give preference to original spare parts from the manufacturer.
  2. If you buy a universal shelf or container, you need to make sure that they are exactly the right size for your refrigerator.
  3. Choosing accessories follows from a durable and high-quality material, because we are talking about products.