How to decorate the house for the New Year: 6 unusual ways

new Year Dec 04, 2019

New Year is a holiday with established traditions. Christmas tree, tinsel, garlands - all these attributes of New Year's decor in many houses are repeated from year to year. I have several ideas that will help to stay within the framework of generally accepted canons and at the same time do everything completely different from others.

Put an untypical Christmas tree

Many argue which tree is better - real or artificial. I offer an unusual option: a curtain with a New Year's beauty. Such a tree does not take up space at all, while it can be up to the ceiling.

This type of New Year's decoration is suitable for families with small children or with pets, because the Christmas tree on the curtain is safe, unlike its natural and artificial counterparts.

Find a new place for toys

You do not need to decorate the Christmas tree on the curtain, so you might think how to use New Year's balls otherwise. There are many ideas: to collect them in a wreath, hang them on a curtain, turn them into a garland ...

I like the simple and yet stylish option: fill the balls with a transparent vase. This decor has two advantages: to do for a short time, it looks beautiful. Any transparent utensil is suitable: a vase, wine glasses, decanters, candy boxes.

Choose a background for the Christmas selfie

Someone was lucky to leave for the holidays in the warm lands, but you can celebrate the New Year at home. And this is not a reason to refuse photos, and you can make very unusual ones.

Arrange yourself a special New Year's photozone. The background can be made using tapestries - these are fabric posters that are hung on the wall. This background weighs a little - it does not need powerful mounts. Four carnations are enough to fix the canvas for the loops on the corners.

Make a garland yourself

Ready-made garlands, blinking lights or shimmering with tinsel, are, of course, festive and New Year's. I have another suggestion: to use the idea of garlands to show your own creativity, to show the sphere of your interests.

A garland can be made from anything. Know how to knit - tie. Know how to bake - bake.

Decorate different places in the house

Usually, for the New Year, a living room, a nursery, and sometimes a bedroom are decorated. At best, the kitchen gets a tablecloth with a New Year print. But few people think about decorating the bathroom.

I did not see the New Year’s decor in the bathroom of any of my acquaintances, so I definitely decided: I will. A humid environment does not give much room for experimentation, so it is better to combine decoration and benefit here. For example, you can hang a curtain for a bath with New Year's theme, supplement it with an appropriate rug and even towels.

By the way, a useful thing for a bathroom recently appeared - a cover for a washing machine. This is a fabric cloak with special impregnation, which, on the one hand, protects the machine from dirt and scratches, and on the other, complements the set of textile decor. The cover can also be selected in accordance with the New Year theme.

To figure out how to give gifts

There are several classic tricks with New Year's gifts. Each family chooses its own: some hide them under the Christmas tree, others in socks. This version came to us from the traditions of the celebration of Catholic Christmas. In Catholic countries, socks are hung over the fireplace, and Santa Claus gets through the chimney on Christmas night and puts gifts in them.

I give this idea: instead of not very comfortable and rather small socks, hang bag-bags with New Year's picture and lay out the gifts in them. This approach will appeal to guests, because along with the main gift they will also receive a practical reusable string bag.

I prefer to give useful gifts to friends and acquaintances. For many years, textiles have helped me out: towels, tablecloths, potholders, aprons. These kitchen trifles are always appropriate, especially if they have a New Year print.

What is unusual to do on New Year

  1. Replace the Christmas tree with photocurtains with the image of the Christmas tree.
  2. Arrange Christmas toys in cans, glasses, decanters and other transparent containers.
  3. Organize a photo zone for commemorative photos using a wall textile panel.
  4. Make garlands with your own hands from improvised means, hang them throughout the apartment.
  5. Decorate those places in the apartment that usually remain forgotten. You can hang a New Year’s curtain in the bathroom, and replace the usual mat at the front door with a themed one.
  6. Come up with unexpected ways of giving gifts. For example, hang them in shopping bags or shopping bags with New Year's print.