How to decorate a house for the New Year and not harm nature

holiday home decoration Dec 03, 2019

On the eve of the New Year, a large number of home decorations appear in stores: artificial Christmas trees, garlands, toys. Usually all this is made of plastic, the production of which is associated with the release of hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere.

Products made from polymeric materials can almost always be found in a more environmentally friendly alternative. I’ll tell you how to create a festive mood at home without causing harm to nature.

Buy artificial spruce, which will last for many years

The production of artificial spruce trees solves the problem of mass deforestation of coniferous forests, but at the same time creates a problem, possibly even more serious. The manufacture, transportation and disposal of plastic Christmas trees are accompanied by the release of a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Its high concentration leads to the greenhouse effect and climate change.

It is important when choosing an artificial spruce to choose a truly high-quality model that will last a long time - at least 20 years.

You can pay attention to live spruce. The main thing is not to cut them yourself, but to buy only at certified Christmas tree markets. Such organizations grow “beauties” on special plantations, thereby supporting the forest planting industry.

Choose wooden toys

Plastic products in general and toys in particular have two undeniable advantages: strength and low cost. Greener glass jewelry cannot boast of either quality, because, for example, the finest blown glass is an incredibly fragile thing.

If small children or curious animals live in the house, then glass toys will be dangerous for them. In this situation, you should give preference to the decor of wood or fabric - these materials will also be an excellent alternative to plastic.

Abandon tinsel

Tinsel and Christmas tree “rain” pose a considerable threat not only to the environment, but also to households: children and pets alike try to taste everything that is bright, beautiful and rustling. The consequences of such a “tasting” can be very sad.

Even if such a situation does not arise, it is still better to refuse tinsel: it loses its original appearance rather quickly and goes to the bin, replenishing deposits of non-decomposable plastic waste.

Alternatively, you can decorate the branches with artificial snow, which is easy to make from improvised materials - for example, yarn or cotton wool.

Use LED lights

Multi-colored or monophonic luminous garlands create a truly magical atmosphere at home. When choosing them, you should pay attention to the LED bulbs. Such garlands will last much longer than those that work on the basis of incandescent lamps, and even in case of breakage, it will not be difficult to repair them. They do not contain harmful substances - mercury, gases and heavy metals.

DIY jewelry

Perhaps the most environmentally friendly type of home decor is jewelry that is created with your own hands. It can be knitted Christmas toys, paper snowflakes, garlands of multi-colored cardboard, Christmas wreaths of fallen cones and twigs. Little family members can also be involved in the manufacture of New Year decorations - joint creative work creates a festive mood better than any toys.

How to decorate a house for the New Year and not harm nature

  1. You should give preference to high-quality and durable artificial Christmas trees or go in search of a live Christmas tree at the official Christmas tree bazaar.
  2. Choose glass, wooden or fabric toys.
  3. Try to abandon tinsel and rain.
  4. Buy LED garlands - they are safe and reliable.
  5. Decorating the house with toys made from natural materials.