How to choose modern switches for home and apartment

home ideas Dec 04, 2019

The lighting industry is trying to simplify the life of a modern user: there are new ways to control the light, energy-saving lamps are created, and even technological switches are being developed. The latter are equipped with built-in sensors and controllers that adjust the time, brightness, color of lighting. With their help, you can even save electricity.

I’ll tell you about the specifics of modern light switches, their classification according to the main technical parameters and the features of choice.

Take into account the classification of switches according to the method of mounting and installation

According to the mounting method, there are two options for connecting the wiring to the contacts: screw and screwless.

In the first case, a screw clamp is used to connect the wires. The clamp provides the most stable contact. The disadvantage of this mounting method is that the conductors begin to vibrate under the influence of an electric current, and over time the connection weakens. It is necessary to periodically tighten the screw clamps with a screwdriver.

The screwless method is a spring contact mechanism that is easy to install and creates a reliable connection. Minus - the method is not designed to connect aluminum wires. Only suitable for copper wiring.

According to the installation method, the switches are built-in and overhead. Built-in electrical appliances integrate into a pre-prepared recess in the wall. Overhead options are attached to the wall and fixed.

Know the features of switches with different types of control

Keyboards are the most popular lineup. Inside is a switch that closes or opens the contacts. Advantages of keyboard models: low price, ease of installation and operation in everyday life.

Cord-type switches in modern interiors are becoming less common. Turning them on and off is simple: just pull the rope hanging from the device. The cord switch is often used in a children's room: it is easy for a child to reach out and turn on the light. Can be installed next to the desk or above the bed.

Button models are easy to operate: the first time the button is pressed, the contacts are closed, when the button is pressed again, the circuit opens.

Touch switches come into operation from a light touch to a special dashboard. Modern models are equipped with a compact display. Thanks to this, the capabilities of the device are expanding: you can set the time for switching on the light through the "timer" function, change the color of the backlight and the intensity of the lighting.

Switches with integrated sensors analyze the environment. A common option is devices with motion sensors. You do not make unnecessary movements to turn on, as the devices are activated automatically when a person moves around the room.

Remote control switches operate by remote control. Through the remote control, you can turn on and off the light, adjust the brightness of the lighting or "play" with the color of the backlight, while in different areas of the room. The average distance that a signal can cover is 20–25 meters.

Dimmers are switches with a regulator. You can independently adjust the light intensity and thereby save electricity.

Evaluate design and material of circuit breakers

Modern manufacturers of lighting equipment regularly release collections of switches in various design designs. There are stylized wood, stone, fabric and other textures of materials, with a reflective coating, with a glossy or matte finish, smooth or with a relief pattern, plain or colored with bright ornaments and prints.

As materials for the switches, mainly plastic is used, less often fiberglass and ebonite. The "filling" may be plastic, ceramic or metal.

Choose a lighting manufacturer

Legrand is a legendary brand hailing from France. The company started with porcelain, then reoriented production to the manufacture of electrical products: porcelain insulators and switches. The housings of all devices are made of self-extinguishing plastic, which improves safety during operation.

ABB is a Swedish-Swiss company that produces high-quality electrical equipment. The switch housings are made of shockproof and UV-resistant materials: bronze, wood, steel. There are many collections for any style of interior.

Schneider Electric creates modular wiring products located on a common base. The chip of the French brand is bronze spring contacts, which provide a reliable connection even without an additional clamp.

What to remember

  1. The task of modern switches is to make the home life of lighting users comfortable.
  2. The design of the switch and how convenient it is to interact with it depend on the type of control. Modern “smart” devices are equipped with built-in sensors and dimmers, remote or touch control. You can easily control the time, brightness, color of lighting and additionally save electricity.
  3. For rooms and areas with a humid environment, use switches with a protection class of at least IP44.
  4. The design of the instruments should be in harmony with the style and color of the interior.
  5. Choose devices from trusted European brands.