How to choose large roller blinds for large spaces

roller blinds Dec 06, 2019

Roller blinds are one of the most versatile, functional and technological types of curtains. They are suitable for small apartments, country houses and other large rooms. It is only important to know a few nuances of choice.

I’ll tell you how to understand the types of roller blinds and not get lost in their diversity.

Take into account the specifics of the room and the features of roller blinds

The fabric cloth of rolled curtains perfectly darkens the room. As a rule, the canvas is made from high-quality and environmentally friendly materials resistant to dust, moisture and fading. Often the fabric for the canvas is also made refractory.

Roller blinds are unpretentious in care, therefore, they are in demand in small studio apartments and are suitable for any room, including children's rooms. They are hung by single people and young couples who do not have time to clean. It is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth once every 2-3 weeks.

Curtains can be installed on plastic brackets in the window opening, on the wall and even on the ceiling.

If curtains are needed in rooms that look out on noisy streets or highways, I recommend models with dust-repellent fabric. From below, the curtains can be fixed with a special magnetic tape so that not a single ray of light penetrates the room without your knowledge.

Decide how to lift the canvas: manually or using automation

If it is not difficult for you to raise the curtains yourself, you can not overpay for expensive automation with a control panel. For curtains on small openings, a manual chain mechanism is often installed from any convenient side.

If you want to keep up to date, I recommend ordering roller blinds with a special lifting mechanism. In the morning, just press the button on the remote control so that the curtains open and the room is filled with sunlight.

The most advanced users integrate the mechanisms of roller blinds into the overall system of "smart home", so as not to get confused in the remotes. You can control various mechanisms and electrical appliances in the apartment even from the office and car.

Select the desired type depending on the diameter of the pipe.

Roller blinds come in several types. This is important when choosing large and overall models.

In type D-25, the first letter means the diameter of the pipe on which the curtain is mounted. The width of such a model can be from 15 to 150 centimeters, height - from 30 to 180 cm.

Using these curtains, you can block window openings up to 150 cm wide or install them on balcony or panoramic windows. The option is suitable for the kitchen or children's bedroom.

D 30 - roller blinds with a pipe diameter of 30 mm. They are intended for balconies and rooms with panoramic windows; they will find their place in offices and country houses with large windows.

The pipe is stronger here - you can hang a larger sheet. There is an upper cornice, due to which the curtains can be straightened. A pipe of 30 mm can withstand a sheet with a width of up to 250 cm and a height of up to 300 cm. The cornice is fixed to the ceiling or to the wall exclusively on metal brackets.

D 38 - the diameter of the pipe is even larger, and the canvas is even wider and higher. Such roller blinds are suitable for openings up to 200 cm wide. They are installed on metal brackets with the possibility of removal from the wall up to 30 cm in order to bypass the battery or window sill.

There is a subspecies of the D-38 BOX curtains with an aluminum box covering the cornice. The box protects the fabric of the canvas and the mechanism from dust. If you need the lifting automation that I recommend, look for the DRIVE BOX marking.

Pay attention to Zebra box

A special subspecies of large rolled curtains is the familiar day-night model, or Zebra, where transparent and opaque stripes alternate. These are hung in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens with large windows. Many people like the original design, several light adjustment modes and practicality.

As a rule, manufacturers offer many fabric options - choosing the right model is not at all difficult.

What you need to know when buying roller blinds

  1. First of all, focus on the specifics of the room. If the apartment does not have very even walls, you need to notify the seller about this so that he picks up the appropriate mount.
  2. Choose the type of fastening depending on where you are going to mount the curtains: on the wall or ceiling.
  3. If during the day it is necessary to partially protect the room from light or it is important to fully control the light output, pay attention to the Zebra box curtains.
  4. If the windows overlook a noisy street, give preference to material with dust-repellent impregnation.
  5. If financial opportunities allow, feel free to install an automated mechanism for managing curtains.