How to choose bags for vacuum cleaners so that they fit the appliance

furniture Dec 02, 2019

For all vacuum cleaners with a dust bag, the quality of cleaning deteriorates over time: filters and motor ventilation become clogged, and the bag wears out. Filters can be replaced or cleaned, but picking up a replacement dust bag can be tricky, especially for unpopular models.

I’ll tell you what types of bags are, what they are made of and how to choose them correctly for a vacuum cleaner, if it's time to change the accessory.

Distinguish between disposable and reusable bags

All dust bags are usually divided into disposable, or replaceable, and reusable. Disposable ones are removed and thrown away with the accumulated garbage, and reusable ones are emptied, washed and set back.

A disposable bag is best suited if you have to clean up after repair or construction work, to collect chemically active garbage or pollutants with a pungent odor. Reusable bags are used for ordinary situations when it is necessary to get rid of dust and sand, to collect wool or hair.

The basic kit of a household vacuum cleaner usually has one reusable bag and several disposable ones. However, the kit may differ: I met models in which only disposable paper dust collectors were in the box. When choosing a home vacuum cleaner, I recommend that you carefully study not only the characteristics, but also the composition of the kit.

Not all manufacturers of accessories for household vacuum cleaners in the name indicate a disposable bag or a reusable one. For example, the name of the product may indicate “synthetic dust collectors BS 30”. To find out replacement bags or for multiple use, you need to look at the quantity. Disposable sets are sold in sets of several, usually from 3 to 10. A reusable dust bag in the kit is almost always one.

Choose paper or fabric bags

Dust bags are also distinguished by the quality and density of the material.

Disposable options are made from paper or polymeric materials, sometimes paper with the addition of synthetics. Paper dust collectors are the cheapest and most unreliable: they don’t tolerate wet or wet debris, they can tear if a heavy or sharp object gets inside. They are convenient for cleaning dry building mixtures - so small that they can seep through the fabric.

Synthetic disposable bags are more expensive. They are usually made of fibrous nonwoven material. It is durable, breathable and much better protected from moisture and chemically active substances.

Reusable bags are usually made of special dense textiles with moisture-resistant impregnation. Such a product may have several filter layers. Reusable bags are much stronger and more durable, but the textile wears out over time, loses its protective and filtering qualities. A reusable dust bag must be changed once every two to three years.

Choose a bag for the desired vacuum cleaner model or compatible

There are many manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, and everyone can set their own standards for components. Dust bags differ in volume, shape of fasteners, diameter of the hole for the hose and other parameters. Even within the same line of vacuum cleaners from the same manufacturer, dust collectors may vary.

The only way to understand whether the bag is suitable for a particular device or not is to carefully study the description. Bags are produced by large manufacturers of household appliances and companies that specialize only in the manufacture of accessories. All companies indicate the model or models of vacuum cleaners to which the dust collector fits.

It is important to remember: on the sites of online stores in the product card the list of compatible models may be incomplete. A complete list can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Some bags are suitable for several brands of vacuum cleaners, while others are designed for a specific model.

Sometimes in the description of the product you can see the statement that the bag is compatible with any household vacuum cleaner. Usually this means that the buyer will have to cut the hole for the hose of the desired diameter and possibly adjust other parts. In this case, there is no guarantee that the dust bag will fit the volume and standard of the mounts, so it is worth clarifying these details with the seller.

What to consider when buying bags for vacuum cleaners

  1. Disposable bags are convenient for the collection of construction waste, chemically active substances and pungent odors.
  2. Reusable bags can be used for regular cleaning in the apartment, collecting dust and dry cleaning furniture.
  3. Disposable paper bags are best used for cleaning dry construction suspensions, easily damaged by heavy and sharp objects.
  4. Disposable synthetic dust collectors are stronger, better filter the air and are resistant to wet debris.
  5. Reusable fabric bags are designed for two to three years and are protected from moisture.
  6. Before buying, you need to look for information about compatibility with a particular model or brand on the product card or on the manufacturer’s website, otherwise the shape, volume, attachment and diameter of the hose may not work.