How to choose an air purifier in an apartment

furniture Dec 05, 2019

Clean air is especially important for people with allergies, asthma and just for those who maintain a healthy atmosphere at home. Air purifiers are simple and effective devices for creating a microclimate in a house. I’ll tell you what kind of technique it is and how to use it.

In the air that we breathe, there are particles of dust, skin, wool and other allergens that are invisible to the eye, which can cause discomfort. Emissions from production, car exhausts and other external factors also worsen the air condition in the apartment.

Household air purifiers will help to cope with this problem. Usually it is a compact and mobile device that runs on electricity and purifies the air with built-in filters. They can trap dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, allergens and unpleasant odors.

I have been selling HVAC equipment for a long time and take care of clean air at home. I am well versed in what air purifiers are available, how to choose an optimal device for the price and quality, and how to properly care for it.

Choose water or dry type of appliance

Air purifiers come in two forms: water and dry.

Water purifiers are most often called air washers. Inside, they have a special tank with water and plate drums through which air passes - particles of dirt and dust are trapped in the water, and the room is filled with clean and moist air. Often, such cleaners are supplemented with UV lamps to disinfect water.

Sinks can be used in any type of room, but most often they are used where air needs to be humidified. They are good for rooms with antique furniture and paintings, many plants and for children's rooms.

Dry air purifier is a more complex design, which includes several filters for cleaning. Such devices are quite powerful and effective: they are able to quickly and efficiently rid the air not only of dust, but also of allergens, bacteria, unpleasant odors.

Such purifiers are popular because they purify the air more efficiently and better and often have additional useful functions and settings. They are suitable for any room and are especially good if the house has allergies, asthmatics and small children. You can combine high-quality cleaning and humidification, if you purchase a climate complex that combines everything.

For air purifiers, you need to buy new filters on time, and it is enough to change the water in the sinks. A sink provides additional air humidification, but the cleaner captures more dust, allergens and harmful substances. The choice depends on the personal wishes of the inhabitants of the house and the functions that they want to receive.

Decide which filters are needed in a dry cleaner

In dry air cleaners, manufacturers install different types of filters and their combinations.

Coarse filters - a special mesh that traps large particles of dirt, such as animal hair or whole dust lumps.

Fine filters are usually made of a porous paper material that is folded in accordion. Due to the structure, they do not allow finer dust and allergens.

HEPA filters are more advanced filters that do not allow the smallest dust particles to pass, as well as bacteria, allergens, hazardous emissions and other impurities.

Adsorption-catalytic, photocatalytic or carbon filters are needed if you want to remove not only dust and allergens, but also unpleasant odors. Such filters include a special material that absorbs emissions and gases.

For a better and more complete air purification, it is best to choose a device that combines several filters. The most common combination is a primary filter, a charcoal filter and a HEPA filter. This kit allows you to get rid of a wide range of the most harmful pollutants in the air.

Choose additional features of the climate complex

Many modern models of dry type air purifiers have additional useful functions and are called climate complexes. There are four most popular options.

With the humidification function, the air is saturated with moisture - human health largely depends on its proper balance. Thanks to this option, you can not buy an additional air humidifier. For example, the Dantex climate complex has such a function.

If the device has an ionization function, it saturates the air with negatively and positively charged ions. It is good for the health of all inhabitants of the apartment or house. For flavoring, special capsules can be inserted into the device. With their help, clean air in the apartment is filled with the aromas of flowers or alpine meadows.

The disinfection function allows you to destroy bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. Air disinfection is important in medical facilities, but it is also useful in an ordinary apartment, especially with young children.

The air purifier can also be equipped with sensors for air quality, dust content and filter wear, a timer and remote control. With all the functionality, modern models economically consume electricity and work quietly without disturbing sleep.

The air purifier can also be equipped with sensors for air quality, dust content and filter wear, a timer and remote control. With all the functionality, modern models economically consume electricity and work quietly without disturbing sleep.

Keep away from windows and batteries.

If the apartment has several rooms, one cleaner may not be enough to provide clean air everywhere. In this case, it is better to purchase several devices.

If there is only one cleaner planned in the apartment, it will be most useful where the person is sleeping. It can be a master bedroom or a room where a small child is most often located, a person with allergies or asthma: clean air will support the immune system.

It is better to place the air purifier in an open space with free access of air. You should not put it under the table and behind the curtains, very low or directly under the ceiling - clean air will circulate worse in the room. Best of all - on a pedestal, chest of drawers or a table. To put the device right next to the bed, you need to choose silent models, otherwise the cleaner may interfere with sleep.

Do not place the air cleaner near heating appliances or on the windowsill, under which there is a battery or radiator - the cleaner may break.

Care and use correctly

For an air purifier of any type to serve efficiently and reliably, you need to properly care for it.

It is important to monitor the condition of the filters in a dry air purifier: each manufacturer sets a certain service life for them, and it is better to know immediately how long they will last. Some devices have special sensors that indicate that it’s time to change the filter.

Fresh water should be poured into the air sink and it is advisable to use it after the softener. It is important to wash the container more often so that bacteria do not multiply in it.

In a dry air cleaner, a conventional coarse filter can be washed under running water. Carbon or HEPA filters need to be changed, and it is important to do this on time so that the device does not lose its effectiveness.

To ensure safety and proper operation of the air purifier, make sure that no liquid or foreign objects enter the device. It is better not to place it in the open air, and it is important not to block the air intake openings.

How to choose and care for an air purifier

  1. Air cleaners are water and dry. Water purify due to the tank with water, and dry - due to built-in filters.
  2. Dry air purifiers are more popular, but water purifiers are better suited for rooms with antique furniture and plants.
  3. The most common filters are coarse and fine filters, HEPA and AK filters. They clean the air of dust, dirt, harmful impurities, gases, allergens and unpleasant odors.
  4. Air purifiers may have additional functions: disinfection, humidification and ionization for complete air control.
  5. The device is best installed at a low height, in an open space, away from windows and batteries.
  6. It is important to monitor the condition of the device and change filters in a timely manner so that it works for a long time and efficiently.
  7. In the air washer, change the water and wash the container.
  8. It is important to observe the safety in handling the device and follow the operating instructions.