5 smart appliances to help you do your homework faster

smart House Dec 07, 2019

Smart home and smart appliances have already become part of our daily lives. Now many devices have a Wi-Fi module that allows them to be controlled remotely from a smartphone. We asked the manufacturers of appliances to choose the most interesting and useful smart appliances for the home that will facilitate household chores.

For remote control of electrical appliances

This outlet allows you to control the devices included in it from a distance using a mobile application. The outlet is based on the TP-Link cloud service. This means that access to it can be obtained wherever there is Internet.

Buyers use a smart outlet for minimal home automation. The device does not perform any complex tasks, but it is ideal for controlling lighting or heating, and will help control the operation of simple household appliances.

HS110 is able to track energy consumption statistics and displays reports for a week or a month. Among other convenient functions, it is worth noting the ability to configure the schedule: the outlet can turn on and off at a specified time according to the schedule.

This is a good device for those who do not yet have smart appliances at home. Such a socket can be the first step towards arranging a full-fledged smart home or remain an independent useful gadget that will help you every day.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Samsung VR20M7070

For quick and efficient cleaning

Slim robot body with large wheels. The width of the brush is 288 mm, and this is larger than that of many other models of this type, so it can be used to clean large areas in a short time. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, the filter remains clean.

Special CycloneForce technology makes it possible to collect dust and debris in a container, maintains a consistently high suction force even during long-term cleaning. The Edge Clean Master system removes dust and dirt in corners and near baseboards. The robot is equipped with the FullView Sensor 2.0 navigation system: a large number of sensors allows it to build an optimal route in order to avoid collisions with obstacles. The robot vacuum cleaner supports synchronization with the smart home system via Wi-Fi and can start cleaning from the point specified by the user.

Buyers like the model most of all because of the ability to carefully remove dust in the corners, because many robotic vacuum cleaners are not able to eliminate garbage in these inaccessible places.

WW6600R AddWash washing machine

Allows you to wash even when you are not at home

Support for Wi-Fi allows you to use a smartphone as a remote control machine. An updated AI platform is integrated into all models of the WW6600R series - the Bixby intelligent assistant, which expands the capabilities of the washing machine based on the history of user interaction. The washing recipe will recommend the most suitable washing cycle for certain things, the washing planner optimizes the washing schedule to save energy and water. To use the assistant, you need to install the SmartThings application on your mobile device, which is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can start the wash and control the progress of the program, even if you are not at home.

A wide selection of programs makes it possible to wash almost everything: cotton, synthetics, wool, delicate fabrics, such as silk and viscose. There are special modes for children's things, bedding, outerwear. The accelerated mode in just 49 minutes will perform a full wash of laundry of any degree of pollution. The “Extra Rinse” function is useful for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin who need to have no detergent left on the fabric.

Thanks to Ecobubble’s unique technology, which turns detergent into active foam, the washing machine not only erases, but even erases old stains.

The drum holds 7 kg of laundry - a washing machine is suitable for a family of three to four people. The convenient AddWash function makes it possible to add laundry to the drum without interrupting the washing program.

The inverter motor, which is installed in the WW6600R, has a long service life and low power consumption. The ceramic heating element is resistant to scale formation, therefore its effectiveness does not decrease for a long time.

Smart kettle-lamp REDMOND SkyKettle G210S

For comfortable heating of water to any temperature

SkyKettle G210S - a modern kettle with a glass bulb. In it, you can warm the water to any temperature: just set one of the built-in temperature modes manually - 40, 55, 70 and 85 ° C - or set the temperature with an accuracy of 1 ° C through the Ready for Sky mobile application.

The kettle is equipped with the unique Smart Boil function, which allows you to independently adjust the intensity of boiling water through the application. This prevents excessive steam formation.

Thanks to a transparent reservoir made of heat-resistant glass and programmable LED illumination, SkyKettle G210S can act as a lamp, a night lamp, and light music for home parties.

You can control the kettle using the voice assistant from Yandex Alice. Two commands are now available - turning the device on and off. If you want to control the kettle from the street or turn it on using a voice command, you need to install a special control center from REDMOND - SkyCenter 11S.

Buyers note a pleasant design that fits into any interior, pleasant lighting, fast heating of the water.

Smart crock-pot REDMOND SkyCooker M903S

To cook fast and tasty

REDMOND SkyCooker is designed to automatically cook hundreds of dishes. The crock-pot is equipped with 17 automatic programs. Some of them are created for cooking specific dishes, such as pilaf, cereal, yogurt. Part - to use a certain cooking technology: cooking, frying, stewing.

You can control the multicooker using the panel on the device itself and through the Ready for Sky application. A recipe book is available in the application with one-click cooking start. The multicooker will set the program and cooking time according to the selected recipe.

The MASTERSHEFF Light function is available in the application, which allows you to adjust the temperature and time on an already running program. For example, winter greenhouse vegetables can be stewed longer than seasonal summer vegetables. In order not to cancel the running program and not to adjust the multicooker again, you can change the time and temperature of cooking right during cooking.

Through the application, you can adjust the cooking temperature to the degree. A smart slow cooker can be used for the most difficult culinary experiments, for example, cooking with a su-view using restaurant technology or making caramel.

Such a slow cooker is suitable for everyone who loves delicious homemade food, but does not want to spend a lot of time and effort cooking. Customers like that the appliance can completely replace immediately a stove, an oven for baking, a yogurt maker, a bread machine, a deep fat fryer. Recipes in the application will help to cook something tasty even for those who are not fond of cooking.

If you plan to use a slow cooker daily, you should buy an additional bowl so as not to release the main one every time after cooking. You can control the multicooker from the street, from the office or from the fitness center, but for this you need to connect the SkyCenter 11S control module.

5 smart appliances for the home

  1. TP-Link HS110 Wi-Fi outlet - to automate the operation of simple household appliances, control lighting or heating equipment from a smartphone.
  2. Samsung VR20M7070 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - to keep your home clean without the hassle of thinking and not think about fine cleaning.
  3. WW6600R AddWash washing machine - to wash with maximum comfort and control washing outside the home.
  4. Smart kettle-lamp REDMOND SkyKettle G210S - to use the application to heat the kettle exactly to the temperature that you need.
  5. Smart REDMOND SkyCooker M903S multicooker - to cook quickly, tasty and without extra effort. The device itself chooses how to cook this or that dish, and you just have to choose the necessary recipe in the application and prepare the products.