3 electric hobs for a modern kitchen

inspiration in the kitchen Dec 11, 2019

It’s hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a hob. On the one hand, the installed model must fit into the interior, be multifunctional and with additional features. On the other hand, it is important for many users that the electric hob is safe and simple.

Today, more and more people prefer to install electric hobs in their homes and apartments, which can offer users a greater range of functions and convenience. I’ll tell you which devices of this kind will interest an inexperienced buyer.

Bosch Serie 4 PKE611D17E

Conventional hob

The hob Bosch Serie 4 PKE611D17E due to the black color easily fits into the classic and modern interior - it is made of glass ceramics. The model will appeal to those who prefer simplicity and conciseness. The device does not have unnecessary details and additional functions, but it can do the most important thing: to cook and heat food.

The electrical panel is equipped with touch keys, which are needed to turn off the heat and adjust the temperature. To control the panel, you need to easily touch it.

Four burners of different diameters instantly heat up and cool just as quickly. It is possible to block the control panel from accidental clicks.

Caring for a surface is simple: you just need to wipe it with special non-abrasive products.

Pros: fast heating, you can lock the control panel. There is a special icon that warns that the work surface has not cooled down.

Cons: you will have to get used to the touch keys, especially if you previously used a hob or stove with rotary switches.

Electrolux EHF 56547 FK

You can select the heating area

The hob Electrolux EHF 56547 FK is equipped with four hobs. They have different diameters, but one of them is three-level, and the other can "transform" and take an oval shape. In the first case, you can select the heating area to put the dishes of large and small diameter. This will reduce energy costs. On an oval burner, you can put not quite standard dishes, for example a ducklings.

The switches in the device are touch-sensitive, you can select and set parameters using the slider - you need to touch the control panel and slide your finger to the required indicator to fix its value.

Thanks to the built-in timer, you can set a specific time for the panel to turn off. Another significant feature is protection against spillage. The device automatically turns off as soon as water or accidentally escaping milk enters the hob.

Caring for your device is not at all difficult. The surface should only be periodically wiped with a damp soft sponge with special detergents.

Pros: Disabled if liquid has spilled onto the surface of the hob.

Cons: when choosing a heating temperature, you must try not to "slip" the desired indicator.

Gorenje ECT 644 BCSC

With a lot of features

The Gorenje ECT 644 BCSC glass-ceramic hob is designed for four burners of different diameters. Two of them have an expanded heating zone.

You can control the device using the touch keys. The required indicators and cooking parameters are displayed.

The residual heat indication function is responsible for safety: hot rings are highlighted in red - the user will be able to see and understand that the working area has not yet cooled down.

There is a StayWarm function, which supports the level of heating of burners to 70 ° C. So the dishes will not cool and they can be served warm. Another function - StopGo - will help to pause the cooking process, and then start it with the same parameters.

Thanks to the built-in timer, you can program the time to turn off the device when the dish is ready. A beep will indicate that the hob has turned off.

Pros: there is an indication of the residual heat, it can maintain the heating temperature of the burners. You can temporarily stop the cooking process.

Cons: Glass ceramics need to be handled carefully and accurately - you can accidentally scratch the material.

3 electric hobs for easy cooking

  1. Bosch Serie 4 PKE611D17E is a conventional hob with touch buttons that can be locked. There is a special icon that warns that the work surface has not cooled down.
  2. Electrolux EHF 56547 FK - you can select the heating area to put the dishes of large and small diameter. It turns off if liquid has spilled onto the surface of the hob.
  3. Gorenje ECT 644 BCSC with display and lots of features. Shows how much heat is left, can support the heating temperature of the burners.